Virtual Skill is a powerful training platform
designed from the ground-up for Virtual Reality.

Immersive environments

Bring your employees anywhere, or expose them to any situation that you want, in 360 or 3D. From a tour to your new store to fire emergency situations to reduce reaction times.

Collaboration spaces

Host sessions with up to 8 employees at the same time. Bring your own 3d models, 360 photos, videos, and pdf files to the session and draw in virtual whiteboards.

Intelligent avatars

We use state of the art AI and machine learning to enable conversations with AI agents. Define a tree of choices and actions based on employee responses.

Record and Replay

Watch yourself or any employee repeat a training session as if you were traveling back in time, alone or with a coach. Find weak spots and create actionable feedback.

Powerful analytics

Keep track of everything you do and say while in VR, from where are you are looking to how you move or what you say. Evaluate performance and engagement and get insights into the mind of your employees.

Self-authoring tool

Create your own training courses using our easy-to-use and intuitive course creation web app.

Virtual Reality Player

The player is the main component of the platform and is available on Steam and the Oculus stores.

Virtual Skill is highly configurable and allows you to include not only experiences created within Virtual Skill but also add links to external applications installed for a completely integrated experience.

Take the lessons at your own pace or join a live session with up to 8 users for an instructor led training session.

Personalize the training path available to each user by assigning different roles and permissions in the content manager. Users can see their progress and take part only on the courses available to them.

Our propietary step-by-step guiding system can show you how to do any kind of task in an intuitive and engaing way.

Take full advantage of 360 videos adding interactivity to them. Show information panels, questions and decision trees to create a fully interactive video experience.

Watch yourself or any employee repeat a training session as if you were traveling back in time, alone or with a coach. Find weak spots and create actionable feedback.


Mobile control application

Instructors can have full control of the session using our dedicated mobile app.


See what they see

Use the app to see what any user is seeing from their own perspective and in real-time.

Launch lessons

Select any lesson from the menu and launch the experience for any number of participants.

Virtual pointer

Just tap on the screen and a virtual pointer will appear on the VR headset. Use this feature to quickly bring the attention to any part of the scene.

Single or multiple control

Take the control of a single user 's headset or control multiple headsets at the same time.

Cloud Content Management

Easily manage all your assets, 360 videos and experiences from one place. Changes are automatically published on all headsets.

Easily monitor the progress of each course. Check how many users have already started the course, completed it, and their individual performance.

Manage who can see what using our flexible role-based access system. Easly create courses just for a specific set of users.

Upload all your assets and videos to the platform and let it automatically manage the distribution to the headsets.


Course Editor

Easily edit and create new interactive 360 lessons with our new editor.


Preview the course directly in virtual reality as you edit it in your PC. Easily switch between VR mode and Desktop mode for maximum productivity.

Event based interaction

Create custom events along the timeline of the video sequence to show questions, information panels or decision trees that branch to other parts of the video or other lessons.

Automatic publication to Virtual Skill

Once the course is ready just publish it to our cloud CMS so it can automatically be made available for everyone.

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