Virtual Reality Training made easy

Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the training industry. Discover how Virtual Skill can help you join the club of top performers

Virtual Reality <span class="f_700">Training</span> made easy

A better approach to training


We provide an end-to-end plaform that takes advantage of the latest immersive technologies. By combining 360º videos with ultra-realistic 3D simulations we can deliver results faster and cheaper than other options in the market. 

Learn in VR

Interactive 360º videos are an excellent tool to put you right on the spot. No need to stop your operations to train your staff, book expensive tickets or fly people across the country. With VirtualSkill's 360º lessons you can put your employees in real situations and scenarios at a fraction of the cost.​

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Practice in VR

Virtual Reality provides an incredible environment to safely train your employees. In VR you can develop something that is simply impossible to do in any other mediums, muscle memory. You employees will practice new procedures like they would in the real world, remembering up to 90% more compared with tradicional methods.

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Test in VR

Test the newly acquired abilities directly in the platform. With VirtualSkill you can show full questionaries at the end of each lesson to test your users abilities. Once they complete the test you can send the results to our server or your LMS of choice.
Employees get a sense of progress with tailored learning tracks and results that gamify the learning experience from start to finish.

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A complete VR training platform

VR Player
Control App
Content Mg.
VR Editor

The VR player is the core component of the platform, and provides a unified enviroment for all your training lessons.

Thanks to the integrated home menu, you can easily add links to external applications and experiences to complement training lessons created within VirtualSkill.

The player is also multi-user by default, allowing you to connect up to 8 different remote users a the same time to share a training session.

VirtualSkill’s dedicated control app allows you to remotely control any number of headsets in the room via a standard wifi connection. 


With this app instructors can see in real-time what other users are seeing in the headset, can launch and stop new lessons or even trigger custom events that can be used in the training scene (e.g. make the people in the public cough or talk louder during a public speaking course.). 


You can also use a virtual pointer, to bring the attention of all users to any part of the scene by pressing any point in the screen. 

The third component of the VirtualSkill platform is a powerful content management system that allows your oganization to manage any number of courses and all their contents (360 videos, images, 3D models, etc.) 


The content management system acts as the main repository for the VR player. Once downloaded, the course can be played offline.

Finally, with our innovative VR editor you will be able to create new 360º courses in a breeze.


Just drag and drop your video files, create events along the video timeline and push the result to our platform so all other users can instantly take the new course.

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