How can VR help you?

Customers can be won or lost in a single moment of interaction. Leading customer service organizations focus on creating a consistent brand experience to optimize customer loyalty. With Immersive Learning, employees get the unique opportunity to walk in the shoes of their customers and practice the right reactions to challenging situations.

Typical use cases:

  • Call Center Training
  • Empathy Training
  • Front-line employee training
  • Handling difficult customers, de-escalation

Case study:

Client: Inter-American Development Bank

Sector: Multilaterals

Project duration: 6 weeks

The callenge

The Inter-American Development Bank HRD call center in Costa Rica currently serves more than 2.500 people in 23 different countries across the Latam region, and is a is a central support hub for the IDB. One of the key results for the call center is maintaining a well trained and motivated workforce that can provide expert guidance to the hundreds of users that call for suport every day. 

Achieving this key result proves to be difficult sometimes because attrition in this sector tends to be very high. People with long experience on the job and familiar with IDB’s processes are scarce, and pulling out the few employees that do have the knowledge and experience to train new employees is costly for the center as it inevitably impacts the call center’s service level.  The challenge of this project was use Virtual Reality to improve the training process of the new employees while at the same reducing the amount of time experts dedicate to this activity.


We re-created the current training process in Virtual Skill using fully interactive 360º scenes. New employees now receive a VR training composed of 3 steps:

1) Overview of the material: the expert is recorded in VR walking them over the materials like they would in real-life.

2) Simulated shadowing: new employees are shown real situations in 360º and are asked how would they respond in interactive quizes.  

3) Integrated testing: tests are integrated across the whole experience to evaluate the correct achievement of learning objectives. 

As a result of this new training experience, experts reduced the time spent training new employees by 30% while motivation of the new employees to take the training courses significantly increased.

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