How can VR help?

Businesses today operate at a relentless pace. There’s no time for mistakes or downtime, making training important than ever. Immersive Learning allows employees to practice on demand, feel safe while practicing and receive immediate feedback. Ultimately, this increases preparedness, ensures expertise and builds confidence.

Typical use cases:

  • Machine operations
  • Front-line processes
  • Store operations
  • New equipment rollout
  • 5S training

Case study:

Client: Casa Tarradellas

Sector: Food industry

Project duration: 8 weeks

The callenge

With a turnover of almost 1.000M€ and 2000 employees, Casa Tarradellas is one of the main leaders in the food industry in Spain. It produces a wide range of food products that are recognized for their high-quality and flavor.  

One of the key challenges for Casa Tarradellas is maintaining a high throughput on all their production lines at any time. The high cost of the infrastructure and staff makes downtime very costly, and quickly escalates to tens of thousands of euros lost per day. Additionally, due to the very high quality standards that Casa Tarradellas applies to all their processes, it´s only possible to train new employees with the line completely stopped, which means training is costly to run. 

The challenge of this project was to use Virtual Reality to train new employees as they would in the real line, but without having to stop production or pulling out key employees from their positions.


We created a virtual reality training course that teaches the employees how to operate one of the newest production lines. The course shows how to react to unexpected situations, what is the correct procedure at each step, and evaluates the knowledge of the employee showing tests and quizzes along the training lesson.  

Casa Tarradellas now can train their employees without having to stop production or removing key employees from their positions, saving thousands of euros in lost productivity. Employees now just need go to the training room, put on the VR headset and take the course without impacting the day-to-day operations.

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