The era of virtual training has arrived

Learn how you can use virtual reality to improve your organization's performance, increase employee engagement and reduce costs at the same time.

Train and collaborate in virtual reality

VirtualSkill is a training and collaboration platform that uses immersive technology (VR and AR) to help employees learn faster, achieve higher retention rates, reduce the costs, and collaborate better across your organization.

Immersive environments

Bring your employees anywhere, or expose them to any situation that you want. From a tour to your new store to fire emergency situations to reduce reaction times.

Record and replay

Watch yourself or any employee repeat a training session as if you were traveling back in time, alone or with a coach. Find weak spots and create actionable feedback.

Intelligent avatars

We use state of the art AI and machine learning to enable conversations with AI agents. Define a tree of choices and actions based on employee responses.

Cross Platform

VirtualSkill works on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR headsets as well as any PC (no VR headset required).

Collaboration spaces

Host sessions with up to 8 employees at the same time. Bring your own 3d models, 360 photos, videos, and pdf files to the session and draw in virtual whiteboards.

Powerful analytics

Keep track of everything you do and say while in VR, from where are you are looking to how you move or what you say. Evaluate performance and engagement and get insights into the mind of your employees.

Remote coaching

Bring your best people to teach your employees on 1:1 sessions or group sessions. Reduce travel costs by teleporting people where and when you need them.

Self-authoring tool (beta)

Create your own training courses using our easy-to-use and intuitive course creation web app.

Soft skills training

Select from a growing number of simulations and courses

Practice public speaking, job interviews and empathy. We are constantly adding new courses to the platform, stay tuned!

Configurable environments

Practice in front of a small audience or in front of a large hall. Schedule interruptions or add microphone echo to get used to the real environment.

Access to your files in VR

Open your own pdf presentation and practice your speech, or bring your notes to your team meeting to practice your structured message to them.

Job skills training

360º pictures, laser-scanned or 3D simulated environments

Train your employees in self-made 360º photos and videos, or contact us to create a fully scanned or simulated 3d environment adapted to your needs.

Practice procedures in an engaging and fun environment

Define step by step instructions for any kind of procedure and train your employees to follow them in an engaging and fun environment. Monitor their performance and engagement after the session.

Self-authoring tool (beta)

Create and publish new courses using our easy-to-use web app. Easily upload your own 360 videos and photos, and define questions, and steps to follow.

Collaboration spaces

Import your own 3d models

Our collaboration spaces allow you to import 3d models, pdf files, 360 images and videos enabling you to discuss them with your team or even your clients in virtual reality.

3d whiteboard

Draw in mid-air using different colors to make annotations on 3d models, or simply convey your idea in the 2d white board.

Up to 8 users

The collaborative space supports up to 8 users at the same time, and allows for any user to connect without a VR headset.

How it works

VirtualSkill is a modular platform and can be deployed today to your organization. The first three soft skills courses and the collaboration capabilities are included in the basic license, and allow you to start using VR in your organization without any additional investment. We can develop your specific VR courses gradually over time and publish them to the platform as we complete them, or you can subscribe to new soft skills courses as they become available.

Soft skills courses

Ready to use! Put on your glasses and start practicing today:

More simulations coming soon, stay tuned!

Job skills courses

Contact us to develop any VR training courses suited to your needs:

Collaboration spaces

Ready to use! Included as part of the basic license.

Supported devices

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is VirtualSkill?

VirtualSkill is a comprehensive training and collaboration vr platform that allows you to train any kind of situation in a realistic, engaging and fun way.

Do you provide VR headsets?

We do not provide headsets as part of the subscription, but we can provide you with a rental starter kit. Contact us for more information.

What languages are available?

The platform is available in English and Spanish at the moment, but we plan to include more languages in the future.

Can I include my own 3d environments?

Yes! Either provide us with the 3d model of the environment or let us know if you want us to help with scanning or 3d modeling.

Get started today!